The Xylariaceae of the Hawaiian Islands

Jack D. Rogers, Yu-Ming Ju

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Keys, species notes, references, hosts, and collection locations of the following xylariaceous genera are included: Annulohypoxylon, Ascovirgaria, Biscogniauxia, Daldinia, Hypoxylon, Jumillera, Kretzschmaria, Lopadostoma, Nemania, Rosellinia, Stilbohypoxylon, Xylaria, and Xylotumulus. Camarops and Pachytrype--non-xylariaceous genera--are included. Anthostomella, well-covered elsewhere, is not included here. A Host-Fungus Index is included. A new name, Xylaria alboareolata, is proposed. All of the Hawaiian Islands are included, but Lanai was not visited.


Hawaiian Islands; Xylariaceae; including genera included in the Abstract



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