First report of Nemania serpens var. hydnicola in Canada, and production of the teleomorph in culture

B. E. Callan

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Nemania serpens (Pers.: Fr.) S.F. Gray var. hydnicola (Schwein.) Y.-M. Ju & J.D. Rogers is reported for the first time in Canada, fruiting on a decaying Fomitopsis pinicola sporocarp collected in Victoria, BC. Freshly ejected ascospores were germinated in culture, and produced both a Geniculosporium anamorph and the teleomorph on oatmeal agar. The isolate failed to produce teleomorphic stromata on scratch malt extract medium.


Nemania serpens var. hydnicola; Geniculosporium serpens; Xylariaceae; Fomitopsis pinicola; oatmeal agar culture; fungicolous fungi; British Columbia; Canada



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