Parmelia barrenoae, a macrolichen new to North America and Africa

Brendan P. Hodkinson, James C. Lendemer, Theodore L. Esslinger

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The foliose lichen Parmelia barrenoae is newly reported for North America based on material collected throughout the western United States (California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington) and for Africa based on material from the Middle Atlas mountain range of Morocco. In addition to morphology, ITS sequence data were examined to confirm the identity of North American material. The species was originally described from the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, and has not been reported from anywhere outside of that region since its description. A revised account of the species is provided in light of the additional material now available from geographically diverse populations.


Ascomycota; erose soralia; lichens; Parmelia barrenoae; Parmelia sulcata; Parmeliaceae; rDNA internal transcribed spacer



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